NextG Mobile Phone and UHF CB Radio Hire and Information

The CDMA mobile phone system was shut down by Telstra in Feb 2008 and replaced by the NextG network with the same excellent coverage area. PrePaid handsets are available from the Manilla Post Office for $99. Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding will have limited NextG handsets available for hire from Jan 09.

For pilots : If you are serious about safe XC flying then you need to think about reliable communications with other pilots and your retrieve car.

Even though the Manilla XC region has farm houses, roads and towns evenly spaced throughout, it should still be treated as a potentially remote area as there can be farms up to 20x20kms in size with little in the way of tracks to follow. It's important to be able to pass regular and accurate position messages to pilots and ground crew to keep any risks to a minimum.

NextG mobile phones :

In Australia the GSM mobile phone network coverage is limited to major cities and some highway routes. In the Manilla XC region there is less than 5% coverage by GSM and it should not be relied on for communications.

The NextG mobile phones use a line of sight system which by comparison has 95% coverage up to a radius of 250kms and further from Mt Borah in the most used XC directions !

NextG coverage Australia wide covers 98% of the population !

UHF Radios :

Australian pilots use 40ch UHF (477Mhz) CB radios for communication. The better and more high quality radios can operate at up 5 watts output power and provide far better communications than 2m (144Mhz) or 70cm (433Mhz) amateur radios.

Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding also has its own private licensed UHF radios channels and a repeater on Mt Borah which can provide back to home radio coverage up to 250kms away to pilots who are higher than 300m above ground !

HIRE RATES : Godfrey's Manilla Paragliding has UHF radios (with MPG and HGFA private channels) to hire for A$5 each per day or A$30 per week.

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